9 Destinasi Liburan Yang Sering Muncul di Instagram!

  by: Silvya Winny       22/10/2017
  • Setiap orang termasuk para travel blogger pun pasti punya destinasi impian dalam bucket list mereka. Dengan bantuan sosial media dan informasi dari para travel blogger seluruh dunia, informasi destinasi impian Anda bisa terasa lebih dekat lewat layar ponsel. Nah, beberapa destinasi liburan berikut entah kenapa pasti sering menghiasi feed Instagram Anda.


    1. Cappadocia - Turki

    "One of the most magical travel experiences I've had to date was in Cappadocia, Turkey. Each day at sunrise, hot air balloons fill the sky to create the most surreal sight that I will never forget."




    2. Navagio Shipwreck - Zakynthos, Greece

    "After only seeing 1827367 photos of Greece's shipwreck beach, I finally got to see it in person!  obviously had to experience it the right way - dangling my feet over the cliff edge while eating a watermelon."



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    3. W Hotel, Barcelona, Spanyol

    "Hi Everyone! Sorry for my lack of posts over the past few months, I've been taking a short break from screens and technology But now I'm back!  I've had some epic adventures over the past year and I can't wait to share them with you all.
    This photo is taken from my room at the W hotel in Barcelona."


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    4. Riad BE, Maroko

    "Last one from my favorite kind of tropical mornings...."



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    5. Krka National Park, Kroasia


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    6. Kawasan Falls, Filipina


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    7. Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali

    dok. Instagram @salty_passport


    8. Angkor Wat, Kamboja


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    9. Oia, Yunani


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    Nah, apakah destinasi liburan Anda ada dalam daftar ini?


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