Daftar Lagu Terbaru November 2020 – Dengar di Sini!

  by: Kezia Calesta       28/11/2020
  • Ready for the end of this season? Sebelum menginjak bulan Desember, jangan lupa menambahkan deretan lagu seru ke playlist untuk menemani kamu bekerja dan bersantai di rumah! Berikut daftar lagu terbaru yang dirilis bulan November 2020.

    1. Yura Yunita, Nadin Amizah, SIVIA, Agatha Pricilla – Reflection

    “Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? When will my reflection show, who I am inside?”

    2. NCT U – 90’s Love

    “This is how we do it 다 여기, what you waiting for? 새로운 낭만을 불러내.”

    3. Miley Cyrus ft. Dua Lipa – Prisoner

    “Prisoner, prisoner, locked up, can't get you off my mind, off my mind. Lord knows I tried a million times, million times. Why can't you, why can't you just let me go?”

    4. Shawn Mendes ft. Justin Bieber – Monster

    “But what if I, what if I trip? What if I, what if I fall? Then am I the monster? Just let me know.”

    5. Ariana Grande – 34+35

    “Can you stay up all night? F**k me ‘til the daylight. Thirty-four, thirty-five, can you stay up all night?

    6. BTS – Life Goes On

    “Like an echo in the forest, haruga doraogetji, amu ildo eopdan deusi. Yeah, life goes on, like an arrow in the blue sky.”

    7. Secret Number - Gimme That Boom

    “Gimme gimme that, gimme gimme that dough, oh tic tac toe. Gimme gimme that, gimme gimme that flow, oh imi neon.”

    8. Aespa – Black Mamba

    “Deo isang mot chatgesseo, neol yuhokae samkin geon, black mamba. Ma-ma-ma-mamba, ooh, woah, woah.”

    9. Sheryl Sheinafia – déjà vu

    “Boy I’m not even lovin’ you, but all I do is think of you. ‘Cause even in this crowded room, my rendezvous is shades of you.”

    10. Sabrina Claudio ft. The Weeknd – Christmas Blues

    “’Cause if I didn’t have you when the snow is fallin’, on that winter mornin’ I’d have Christmas blues.”

    11. Dua Lipa ft. Angele – Fever

    “I've got a fever, so can you check? Hand on my forehead, kiss my neck. And when you touch me, baby, I turn red, I've got a fever, so can you check?”

    12. GOT7 – Breath

    “Breathe in, breathe out. You and me now, neon nal sum swige hae. Deo gipi gipi, nal naraoreuge hae.”

    13. TREASURE – 음 (MMM)

    "Geulae naya, geobmeog-eul pil-yo eobsjanh-a nae son jab-a. Mujogeon nal mid-eo, you know what I’m sayin’. Geulae jigeum geu nunbich-eulo, naleul chyeodabol ttae.”

    (Image: doc. Instagram)