20 Lagu Terbaru Bulan Februari 2020, Dengarkan Di Sini!

20 Lagu Terbaru Bulan Februari 2020, Dengarkan Di Sini!

Di bulan Valentine ini, ada banyak lagu cinta baru yang dirilis untuk kamu yang sedang berbunga-bunga, juga untuk kamu yang patah hati. Apapun situasimu, berikut adalah 20 lagu terbaru yang bisa kamu nikmati di bulan Februari 2020.

1. Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby – My Oh My

“They say he likes a good time, my oh my, he comes alive at midnight, every night.”

2. Sam Smith – To Die For

“Sunshine livin’ on a perfect day, while my world’s crashing down, I just want somebody to die for.”

3. Justin Bieber ft. Quavo – Intentions

“Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter. Gorgeous, make ‘em drop dead, you a killer. Shower you with all my attention, yeah, these are my only intentions.”

4. Anne-Marie – Birthday

“It’s my birthday, I’ma do what I like, I’ma eat what I like, I’ma kiss who I like.”

5. The Pussycat Dolls – React 

“I hang up the phone, you call me back. Why don’t you mess me ‘round like you’re supposed to? You’re turning me cruel ‘cause I’m just wanting you to react.”

6. Coldplay – Cry Cry Cry

“We’re in this together, baby, we’re as singing is to rain, so I’ll never, ever, ever let you go. When you cry, cry, cry, baby, I’ll be by your side.”

7. Meghan Trainor – Nice to Meet Ya

“I am blessed by the heavens, someone’s got a hold on me. Sweet, but I get rough, just what I wanna be.”

8. Taylor Swift – The Man

“And I’m so sick of them coming at me again, ‘cause if I was a man, then I’d be the man.”

9. Tinashe ft. MAKJ – Save Room For Us

“Just save room for us, I trust you’ll come back for us someday. Oh, you know it’s not the end, we’ll fall in love again.”

10. Khalid ft. Disclosure – Know Your Worth

“You don’t know your worth, all the things I know that you deserve. Say it’s not real if it doesn’t hurt, find someone you know will put you first.”

11. Billie Eilish – No Time To Die

“Was it obvious to everybody else, that I’d fallen for a lie? You were never on my side, fool me once, fool me twice, are you death or paradise?”

12. Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday

“’Cause it might’ve been somethin’, who’s to say? … and you might’ve missed somethin’, don’t say, ‘cause it has to be lost in yesterday.”

13. Stephanie Poetri – Touch

“All I need is a bit of your touch, but just a little is a little to much. I wanna believe there’s a me without us, how can I breathe without feeling your touch?”

14. The 1975 – The Birthday Party

“Hello, there’s a place I’ve been going, now I’m clean, it would seem, let’s go somewhere I’ll be seen.”

15. The Weeknd – After Hours

“Oh baby, where are you now when I need you most? I’d give it all just to hold you close, sorry that I broke your heart.”

16. 5 Seconds of Summer – No Shame

“I only light up when cameras are flashing, never enough and no satisfaction. Got no shame, I love the way you’re screaming my name.”

17. Raisa – Teristimewa

“Yang teristimewa dari wajahmu, cerminan sempurna, keindahan kalbumu.”

18. IZ*ONE – Fiesta

“Fiesta, I deeply swallow the sun of my heart. I’ll be burning eternally, I won’t set throughout these seasons… come visit at least once, it’s my party.” (English Translation)

19. Lauv – Modern Loneliness

“Modern loneliness, we’re never alone but always depressed. Love my friends to death but I never call them, I never text them.”

20. Joe Hertz ft. IYAMAH – Fight or Flight

“Don’t look back again, the past it can’t be a friend, and recently it feels like I’m constantly in a mode where I might die. It’s fight or flight.”

(Image: doc. Instagram @thepussycatdolls @billieeilish @samsmith @stephaniepoetri)



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