20 Quotes dari 'Love Alarm' yang Bisa Menyentuh Hati

20 Quotes dari 'Love Alarm' yang Bisa Menyentuh Hati

Musim kedua Love Alarm sudah dirilis di Netflix pada bulan ini, dan para penonton—termasuk Cosmo—merasakan, well... LOTS OF FEELS. Di dunia di mana aplikasi ponsel bisa memberi tahu saat ada orang yang menyukaimu, Cosmo menyaksikan kegembiraan dan sakit hati yang dialami Jojo (Kim So Hyun), Hye-yeoung (Jung Ga Ram), dan Sun-oh (Song Kang), mulai dari SMA hingga tumbuh dewasa.

*Spoiler Alert* Pada akhirnya Jojo memilih Hye-young yang penuh dedikasi dan lembut! Walaupun ia berjuang dengan keputusannya, ia tidak perlu aplikasi Love Alarm untuk tahu bahwa ia benar-benar jatuh cinta dengan Hye-young. Cosmo akan selalu mengingat Sun-ho, tentunya, dan berharap ia bisa menemukan kedamaian dan kebahagiaan segera.

Serial ini menghadirkan sejumlah dialog yang luar biasa (congrats to the writers!), jadi kalau sekarang kamu sedang merasa sentimental...

Inilah quotes dari Love Alarm yang bisa menyentuh hatimu:

1. "I think it is so unfair that we can't do anything about what our hearts want."—Jojo

2. "Yes, I installed the shield because of you. But I'm here because of Hye-young. You made me install the shield, but he makes me want to remove it...It has nothing to do with you anymore."—Jojo 

3. "How can this be? How can this be? Jojo, please love me again. Please."—Sun-oh

4. "We keep falling for someone even when there's no guarantee that our feelings will be reciprocated. Still, why do we devote our time and effort to love someone with all our hearts when that someone is not even ourselves?"—Jojo

5. "I'm going to keep liking you, but you don't have to. You don't have to feel pressured."—Hye-young

6. "I hate to be apart from you. I almost died yesterday because I missed you so much."—Sun-oh

7. "Thank you for being alive."—Hye-young

8. "The best feeling in the world is knowing there's someone on my side."—Jojo 

9. "This is so strange. You make me want to tell you everything, including all the little things."—Sun-oh 

10. "I want to try this the old-school way without Love Alarm."—Hye-young 

11. "I like it when people tell me that I seem cheerful. Since my parents passed away on Jeju Island, I've been emotionally hurt so many times. Every time I feel hurt, I consciously try to be more cheerful. I smile more and study harder to make sure I never lose my true self."—Jojo

12. "All that matters to me is that you act on how you truly feel. If you ignore my texts, I'll let myself be ignored. If you stand me up, I'll let myself be stood up. And if you dump me, I'll let myself be dumped. All of that is romance to me because we'd be doing things together that I can't do on my own."—Hye-young

13. "I used to like you. And I don't know if I'll ever like anyone as much as I loved you. But not anymore. I'm the one who ruined our relationship. I'm the one who broke your trust. So how could I possibly like you?"—Jo-jo

14. "I promised that I'd make your Love Alarm ring 10 times a day."—Hye-young

15. "Sun-oh, look into my eyes. This isn't Love Alarm, it's my own volition. And this is how I truly feel."—Jojo

16. "I was willing to wait while listening to you by your side. Building it up slowly was what I wanted to do."—Hye-young

17. "Every day, I feel like I'm fighting a war against myself."—Jojo 

18. "If no one comes inside the line that I've drawn, I won't have to get hurt or hurt anyone myself. And I'll be all alone."—Jojo 

19. "I still can't ring yours, but I'll come back. Tomorrow, and the day after that. If I keep doing that, maybe one day, I'll be able to ring it."—Sun-oh

20. "Jojo, it was obvious that you liked Hye-young. Do you know why you were so unsure? Because you never saw his Love Alarm ring, that's why. Although you knew it was because of the shield, you kept doubting your feelings because you never rang his Love Alarm. That's why I wanted to stop the new function. Because people had too much faith in machines."—Duk-gu

(Artikel ini disadur dari Cosmopolitan Philippines / Perubahan telah dilakukan oleh editor / Alih bahasa: Shamira Natanagara / Ed. / Images: Dok. Netflix)



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