Daftar Lagu Terbaru April 2020 - Dengar di Sini!

  by: Kezia Calesta       24/4/2020
  • Looking for songs to groove to during quarantine? Mulai dari Drake, Kelly Clarkson, hingga Alicia Keys yang sudah lama tidak merilis lagu, berikut daftar lagu terbaru bulan April 2020 yang wajib kamu dengar! 

    1. Sam Smith ft. Demi Lovato – I’m Ready

    “It’s so hard when you’re with someone, your heart breaks and it ain’t no fun. But I gotta take that risk tonight, I’m ready, I’m ready, for someone to love me.”

    2. Selena Gomez – Boyfriend

    “I want a boyfriend, but I just keep hitting dead ends. Try to take a shortcut, but I get cut, again and again… Tell me, are there any good ones left?”

    3. 5 Seconds of Summer – Old Me

    Shout out to the old me and everything he showed me, glad you didin’t listen when the world was trying to slow me, no one could control me.”

    4. Drake – Tootsie Slide

    “Don’t you wanna dance with me? No? I could dance like Michael Jackson, I could give you thug passion. It’s a Thriller in the trap where we from.”

    5. Kygo ft. Zak Abel – Freedom

    “You give me something that I can hold onto, a little light when I’m down on my knees. I was so lost in myself when I found you, but in that moment you made me believe.”

    6. WINNER – Remember

    7. Niall Horan – Black and White

    “Yeah, I see us in black and white, crystal clear on a star lit night. In all your gorgeous colors, I promise that I’ll love you for the rest of my life.”

    8. Kelly Clarkson – I Dare You

    You may not have the stage, but you still have a voice. You may not have the strength, but if you have a choice, I dare you to love… even if you’re hurt and you can only see the worst.”

    9. Alan Walker & Ruben – Heading Home

    “Nobody sees me, now, I’m a one man show. I’ll do this on my own, we knew it all then, now this is all I know. Guess I’m heading home now.”

    10. Hayley Williams – Why We Ever

    “What do you look like now? I try to replicate our movements in my mind. And now I can’t seem to remember why we ever felt we had to say goodbye.”

    11. Hailee Steinfeld – I Love You’s

    “So no more I love you’s , it’s too easy to say. No more I love you’s until I’m okay, I blamed it on the time zones. I blamed it on my eyes closed, I blamed it on the world like it owes me.”

    12. Troye Sivan – Take Yourself Home

    “Sad in the summer, city needs a mother. If I’m gonna waste my time, then it’s time to go, take yourself home.”

    13. (G)I-DLE – Oh my god

    14. SG Lewis – Chemicals

    “But if you stay, we could always blame it on the chemicals. I might be seein’ double but I need you both… but if you stay, we can keep it goin’ til the morning sun.”

    15. Charli XCX – claws

    “We’re so high, roller-coaster ride, diamond bright, kiss me right, yeah, that’s so nice. I like- I like- I like- I like- I like everything about you.”

    16. Alicia Keys – Good Job

    “You’re doin’ a good job, don’t get too down. The world needs you now, know that you matter, matter, matter, yeah.”

    17. Alina Baraz ft. Khalid – Off the Grid

    “Say the word and you know I’ll follow, off the grid in the El Dorado. Could be nice in the summertime, we could sit inside, in the silence.”

    18. JoJo – Lonely Hearts

    “How can I work on me if I’m working on my body? I thought we were meant to be, but we never really got it, did we? I know one thing, lonely hearts won’t break.”

    19. GOT7 – Not By The Moon

    20. Megan Thee Stallion – Savage

    “I’m a savage, classy, bougie, ratchet. Sassy, moody, nasty, acting stupid, what’s happening?”

    (Image: doc. YouTube / Alicia Keys)