Daftar Lagu Terbaru Juni 2020 - Dengar di Sini!

Daftar Lagu Terbaru Juni 2020 - Dengar di Sini!

New month, new songs! Ada banyak lagu baru yang menyenangkan dan catchy bulan ini, mulai dari Lauv, Jonas Blue, hingga TWICE - namun bila kamu ingin lagu-lagu mellow untuk menemanimu di rumah, jangan lewatkan lagu baru dari Ify Alyssa, Novo Amor, dan Bruno Major. Berikut daftar lagu terbaru bulan Juni 2020 yang dapat kamu nikmati.

1. Doja Cat ft. Gucci Lane - Like That

“That’s my sh*t, That’s my wave, do it like that and I’ll repay it. Don’t be scared, I ain’t afraid, just like that, come my way.”

2. Chloe x Halle - Forgive Me

“So forgive me, I’ve been going too hard in your city. So forgive me, ‘cause I’m not teary, best believe I move onto better things.”

3. H.E.R. - I Can’t Breathe

“How do we cope when we don’t love each other? Where is the hope and the empathy? How do we judge off the color?”

4. Sheryl Sheinafia - okay

“You don’t have to fight it, it’s gonna be okay. If things don’t turn up so you call it a day, okay, you could just stay home, it’s okay.”

5. Baek A Yeon - Looking For Love

“어느샌가 또 혼자, 나만 빼고 다 행복해. 시간이 됐어 돌아갈래, baby, I’ll tell you secrets of mine.”

6. Lauv - Love Somebody

“Every time I think I love somebody, always find a way to throw it all away. I don’t ever wanna hurt nobody, I don’t wanna be the one to say that we gotta have a conversation.”

7. Ify Alyssa - What About Us?

“Feels like butterflies have the broken wings today, I don’t know. What about you? What about me? What about everything? What about us?”

8. Andrea Turk ft. Nafets - Oranges

“How ‘bout we go down to the city, we’ll run red lights around ’til we’re dizzy. Aren’t you glad you’re mine?”

9. HAIM - Gasoline

“Gasoline, pretty please, I want to get off but you’re such a tease. Throw the keys back to me, go on and kick off your boots in the passenger seat.”

10. Novo Amor - Decimal

“I should let this go, I could be your water instead, I’ll put on my coat. ‘Cause I could hear you stall in the way you said, “Is it alright to feel like I do, at all?””

11. Jonas Blue ft. MAX - Naked

“But in the mornin’ light when you’re wakin’ up by my side, you forgot what you said last night. You only say you love me when we’re naked.”


“You are gonna be mine again, yeah, you're gonna say more, more, more, more, more, and more. 멈추지 못해 more, more, more, and more.”

13. Jessie Ware - What’s Your Pleasure?

“Push, press, more, less, here together, what’s your pleasure? Stop, go, fast, slow, here together, what’s your pleasure?”

14. Bruno Major - I’ll Sleep When I’m Older

“Misplace my mind and follow my heart, see the cosmos unfolding and know I’m a part. I’ll sleep when I’m older, when the world’s got me weathered.”

15. MOMOLAND - Starry Night

“Starry night, 별이 가득 쏟아지는 밤. Starry night 꽃잎도 잠드는 시간. Starry night, 숨겨 왔던 나의 바람을.”

(Image: doc. HAIM "Women in Music Pt. III" album artwork)



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