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50 Caption Ulang Tahun Terbaik untuk Dipakai di Instagram

  by: Alvin Yoga       28/6/2020
    • Memberi ucapan selamat ulang tahun di Instagram adalah suatu kegiatan yang menyenangkan.
    • Caption Instagram yang fresh dan lucu bisa membuat ucapan selamat ulang tahunmu jadi jauh lebih memorable.

    Hanya sedikit momen dalam hidup yang sama menyenangkannya dengan hari ulang tahun, setuju? Dan hanya satu (satu!!) hari dalam setahun kamu bisa merayakan hari ulang tahunmu, atau hari ulang tahun sahabatmu, atau ibumu, atau kakakmu, atau siapapun yang masuk dalam daftar Close Friends di Instagrammu, that's why hari ulang tahun adalah salah satu hari yang paling bermakna.

    Nah, kalau kamu bertanya-tanya, "Ugh, apa yang yang harus aku ucapkan di hari ulang tahun seseorang yang sangat berarti untukku—selain mengunggah fotonya yang cute di Instagram?" Tak perlu khawatir, dear. Biarkan Cosmo membantumu. After all, inilah alasan mengapa Cosmo selalu siap jadi teman baikmu, kan?

    Kami sudah menyiapkan beberapa caption yang sempurna dan lucu dan cantik dan menarik (tidak bohong, kalimat ini benar-benar bagus!) untuk perayaan ulang tahun siapapun—siapapun!—yang kamu cintai.

    Berikut 50 ide yang dijamin akan memberimu banyak Likes, membuat teman-temanmu iri, dan memberi sang birthday queens (atau kings) rasa bahagia yang pantas mereka dapatkan di hari besar ini.

    Untuk BFF

    Today is the only day I won’t fight you for that last slice of pizza. HBD, my girl.

    Happy birthday to the girl who literally crafts 90 percent of the messages to my Tinder matches and rocks those parties. You the real MVP.

    It’s not really your birthday unless I’m posting a sexy pic of us, right?

    Your birthday is worth more than just an IG Story. You get a spot on the grid. ILY.

    Not sure where I’d be without you, [insert name]. Cheers to another [how old they are turning] years.It’s hard to find people who will love you no matter what. I was lucky enough to find one of them. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

    So happy we ended up in [place where you met: preschool, college dorm room, etc.] at the same time.

    Untuk Pacarmu

    [Insert age they are turning] looks great on you.

    Life isn’t perfect, but you’re close. Happy birthday, my love.

    To the person I love even when I’m hungry. You’re the best. Happy birthday.

    Had no idea this was in store when I downloaded Tinder [or insert however you met]. I also had no idea I’d be the type to post about someone on Instagram for their birthday. Guess you’re worth it.

    Happy birthday, my lil [insert zodiac sign].

    HBD to the person who [insert weird thing they do] but still steals my heart Every. Freaking. Day. You’re my person, and I love you.

    Happy birthday to the best view.

    Hey, Siri, play Jeremiah’s “Birthday Sex.”

    Untuk Dirimu Sendiri

    Shout-out to my mama for birthing me today. Give her all the hype.

    Who knew [insert your age] would bring me so many memories…and tequila shots. Thankful for another year.

    If I didn’t post a cute pic of myself, would you even know it was my birthday?

    Tell me happy birthday or GTFO.

    Who knew celebrating me could be so fun?

    Well, I just turned [insert age] and I still have no idea what to do with my hands.

    Hope everyone’s celebrating my birthday with pizza, ranch, and rosé. Love you all. Thanks for making my day the best.

    Untuk Ibu

    Not sure how aging works, but you don’t look a day over 20. Let’s hope this woman passes her genes to me.

    If I grow up to be half the woman you are, I’ll know I’ve had too many margaritas. Just kidding, I love you.

    Will always celebrate you with tacos, mom. To my best friend, happy birthday.

    Thanks for always knowing where I left my phone and diagnosing that weird bump on my chin. You always deserve celebrating but especially today. Happy birthday to the best mom.

    I feel seriously bad for people who think they have the best moms. They’ve got nothing on you. Happy birthday.

    For everyone who knows me, they know I’m my mother’s daughter. V thankful for that title. Love you, Mom. Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday to the woman who literally spent eight hours birthing me! You the real one.

    Untuk Ayah

    Happy birthday to my forever hero.

    In honor of your birthday, you get to tell one dad joke today. One!

    To the man who always taught me right from wrong, how to ride a bike, and the easiest way to shotgun a beer, I love you. Happy birthday.

    Happy birthday to the dude who raised me. Bless you for putting up with my ass. You deserve all the celebrations today.

    Remember when Darth Vader said, “I am your father?” Yeah, I felt that. HBD, Dad!

    Happy birthday to the person who taught me how I deserve to be treated.

    Happy birthday to the dude who will spend all day watching [insert show you watch together] and still make time to hang with me. Love you!

    Happy birthday to the one responsible for my [insert trait].

    Untuk Saudaramu


    It’s not really your birthday unless I post a pic of us where I look cuter, right?

    I always wanted a brother, but I guess you’re alright. HBD!

    Happy birthday to the girl who shares her clothes with me, even if she doesn’t know it. Love you!

    Happy birthday to the one who always gets mistaken for my twin.

    Happy birthday to the Gigi to my Bella.


    I love you—even when your breathing annoys me. HBD, bro!

    You deserve all the attention today. Happy birthday!

    Can we all give my brother the clout he deserves on his day?

    You’re kind of gross, but ILY. Happy birthday!

    Untuk Rekan Kantor...atau Siapapun

    You deserve all the cake and sparkles today. Happy birthday!

    If we get to celebrate you only one day a year, let’s do the damn thing.

    Even though it’s your birthday, I hope you don’t cry…even if you want to.

    Ryan Gosling told me to tell you happy birthday. Seriously.

    Happy birthday, [insert name]. Can you at least try to look a year older?

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