Daftar Lagu Terbaru Juli 2020 – Dengar di Sini!

Daftar Lagu Terbaru Juli 2020 – Dengar di Sini!

Are you ready to dance it out? Sambut akhir pekan dan Leo season dengan 18 lagu terbaru bulan Juli 2020, mulai dari album kejutan dari Taylor Swift, lagu Latin hasil kolaborasi J Balvin dengan Dua Lipa, hingga deretan single K-Pop baru.

1. Taylor Swift - Cardigan

“And when I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone’s bed, you put me on and said I was your favorite.”

2. Maroon 5 - Nobody’s Love

“If my love ain’t your love, it’s never gonna be nobody’s love. I’m never gonna need nobody’s touch but yours.”

3. J Balvin ft. Tainy & Dua Lipa - UN DIA (ONE DAY)

“One day you’ll love me again, one day you’ll love me for sure. One day you’ll wake up feelin’ how I’ve been feelin’, baby, you’ll knock at my door.”


“And I’m gonna stop cryin’, stop feelin’, stop thinkin’ ‘bout you, my babe. Not gonna cry anymore, gonna break out.”

5. Jason Derulo - Take You Dancing

“Let me take you dancin’, two-step to the bedroom. We don’t need no dance floor, let me see your best move.”

6. Little Mix - Holiday

“Can we make it all night? We don’t stop all up on my body babe, ooh. Touch me like a summer night, you feel like a holiday.”

7. Gorillaz ft. ScHoolboy Q - PAC-MAN (Episode Five)

“Everybody knows, when I was sad, I fell for you. Everywhere I go, I don’t know where I am, I’m stressin’ out, I’m stressin’ out.”

8. SOMI - What You Waiting For

“Just tell me what you waiting for, baby I’ve been waiting for you all this time. I’m faded 매일 밤, I’m drunk and wasted.”

9. Red Velvet - Naughty

"Close your eyes, I’ll count to three, so try to find me. You might probably wander around here and there, you’re going crazy, the naughty girl you’ve never seen before.”

10. Jaden - Cabin Fever

“'Cause girl, I got that cabin fever, you made me a believer. Eating marshmallow pies, I can see it in your eyes.”

11. Headie One x Drake - Only You Freestyle

“Girls from the past that lost me love me, same ones there that crossed me cuss me. Everything come full circle, word to the boss above me.”

12. Kylie Minogue - Say Something

“We're a million miles apart in a thousand ways, baby, you can light up the dark like a solar scape. And I can almost feel you coming and your heartbeat race.”

13. Dove Cameron - We Belong

“We belong together, and you know it. Wine stained teeth and bloodshot eyes, think we're both fucked up and that's alright.”

14. The Weeknd - Snowchild

“Leaving into the night, oh, twenty mill’ mansion, never lived in it. Zero edge pool, never dipped in it.”

15. HYO ft. Loopy, SOYEON - DESSERT

“달콤히 녹아 들면 충분해, 이상도 이하도 난. No, you know what I deserve? Dessert, dessert, dessert.”

16. Zedd ft. Jasmine Thompson - Funny

“It’s funny how you miss me, more than you could ever love me. How you couldn’t give me anything, and now you want it from me.”

17. Troye Sivan - Easy

“I can't even look at you, would you look at the space just next to your feet? The wood is warping, the lines distorting.”

18. Blake Shelton ft. Gwen Stefani - Happy Anywhere

“I'm running wide open, I was born with my feet in motion. But since I met you, I swear, I could be happy anywhere.”

(Image: doc. YouTube SMTOWN Official)



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