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B.I is making the most of his time, like he has always been. He debuted as a solo artist in this super-challenging year, in between studying with his fans (online, of course), doing mukbang videos, and not to mention laying down reading comic books and watching movies. And that’s not all of them. Recently, he just released a new album, COSMOS, in which, I certainly believe, you’re gonna love. He is, after all, an all-caps COOL artist, and yeah, he won’t hold back.

Hi, B.I! How has 2021 been treating you so far? Hello, Cosmo! There has been ups and downs, just like every year, but so far so good! My new music career began in 2021, so this year means a lot to me.

What do you miss the most during your first comeback, considering that we are still in a pandemic situation? What I miss the most is doing performance live in front of my fans. I miss the energy and the heat on the stage. It would be great if I could perform in front of my fans again.

Can you tell us more about the concept behind your new album ‘COSMOS’? This album, ‘COSMOS’, is about resistance and love, the feeling that you can only feel at young age. Besides that, I also tried to show different aspects of youth in the MV and music.

Image B.I Kim Hanbin

What message would you like to convey to the listeners from this album? The message that I want to convey is that if you are young, then go cherish the moment, if you’re not, then don’t forget the feeling that you had while you were still young.

How about your new title song, ‘COSMOS’? The title song, ‘COSMOS’, is simply about eternal love. I want listeners to take this message as simple as possible. One funny story behind this song: When I recorded the chorus part, I brought along my friends to the studio and recorded the song with them. It was pretty fun but also a bit tricky since they couldn’t follow my directions 100%.

I think I could imagine that. Then, is there any part from the song that you want to emphasize specifically? It’s this part: “Don’t fall like the petals on flower.” I want to emphasize this part personally.

Image B.I Kim Hanbin Image B.I Kim Hanbin

Besides the title song, is there any other songs in this album that becomes your favorite? If I had to choose one song in this album other than the title song… I would choose ‘NINETEEN’. Not because it’s my favorite song—all songs in this album are my favorite—it’s because this song shows the message that I want to send throughout this album very well.

Cosmo sees you as an artist who writes indifferent and honest lyrics, and that honesty in your lyrics is something that a lot of people adore. How do you come up with the lyrics you have written? I get inspirations from everything, but mostly from the movies that I watched, from people around me, and from the conversations that I had. Those are the things that inspire me the most.

You used to write a lot about love songs, but recently your songs are talking more about self-acceptance. Does this show that Kim Hanbin has grown into someone different? Hmm, I think it’s because what I am concerned about and what I have in my mind these days are different from the past. I don’t really think that I’ve grown into someone different, but I began to feel and think about more things.

  • B.I Kim Hanbin
  • B.I Kim Hanbin
  • B.I Kim Hanbin

We are wondering, is there any particular artist that you want to write a song for? I have so many artists that I want to work with and already mentioned their names a lot. But for now, I would say LEE MOON SAE. He is one of the best singer in Korea and I respect him a lot.

As a soloist, what kind of music styles do you think describes you the most? I don’t want to define myself as a solo artist yet. I want to show as many colors that I have as possible, and I might choose certain style in the future.

What is the biggest challenge in doing promotion as a soloist? This might be obvious, but the biggest challenge is I have to do all the things by myself. Of course there is my team beside me and we work together all the time, but in the aspect of making music, I have to sing and rap and dance all by myself.

Image B.I Kim Hanbin

You collaborated with an Indonesian artist, Afgan, on your song “Lost at Sea”. Can you tell us the story behind this collaboration? It’s because I am interested in collaborating with international artist and I am personally a big fan of him. He has such an amazing voice. I really enjoyed working with him.

As a musician, what would you like to be remembered for? I want to be remembered as an artist who returns the love that I got from my fans.

Let’s talk more about you as a person. In your own opinion, how is B.I different from Kim Hanbin? B.I and Kim Hanbin are similar, but also slightly different. B.I tries to be cool, much more than Kim Hanbin. As Kim Hanbin, I am more introvert. I like to stay alone at home, reading comic books and watching movies. But as B.I, I write songs and sing and rap and dance. So yeah, they can be pretty different.

Image B.I Kim Hanbin Image B.I Kim Hanbin

If you were not a musician, what would you be? I have never thought about not being a musician, but I think I would have been either really good at something or did completely nothing.

You are known as a guy with so much charisma, either on stage or off-stage. Is there any sides of you that you wish for people to recognize, too? I am not sure if I am a guy with so much charisma. I am still very shy to show my sexiness, or my romantic side, or my cute-boy-next-door side. It still feels awkward to me.

You also acted as IOK executive director, is it hard to do both as a musician and also a director? It is hard to do both as a musician and a director. But there are people around me, and my colleagues who support me no matter what. They are the reason why I can do both jobs. Without them, to be honest, I think this would have been impossible.

Image B.I Kim Hanbin

As a person, have you ever doubt yourself in one phase of your life? Of course there are times when I doubt myself. But there are always good people around me: my friends, my family, and IDs who have been supporting me. So whenever I face a difficult moment, I remind myself that I have them in my life. And I hope they feel the same way, too.

If you could have a spirit animal, what would it be? I like all kind of animals, but I think I would choose dog as my ‘spirit animal’. I love dogs. Dogs are cute and lovely and innocent and harmless, they are such amazing creature.

When you’re not busy, what do you like to do in your free time? I usually watch movies or read comic books or just lay down whenever I have a free time.

Recently you had a ‘Study with Me’ activity. What made you decided to study with your fans, and how does it feel to do something besides doing music? I did that because there are so much fans who are still a student or studying, so I wanted to share something that is related with their life. It was fun because I did it only for a short time, but if I had to study over a long period of time like my fans do, I don’t think it would be fun anymore. If there is another chance, I might do it again, though.

Image B.I Kim Hanbin B.I Kim Hanbin

TMI time! One thing about your morning routine that people don’t know about yet? I am not a morning person, and I think my fans know this very well.

What is the first thing you would like to do when this pandemic is over? I want to go to other countries and see my fans directly in person.

What If you could come to Indonesia, is there any food that you want to try in particular? I personally love mi goreng and nasi goreng. When I have a chance to go to Indonesia, I would definitely have them all day.

Lastly, do you have any message for IDs and Cosmo babes in Indonesia? Hello IDs and Cosmo babes, this is B.I. Thank you guys for reading this interview. I always appreciate your love and support. I hope I can see you guys as soon as possible. Until then, stay strong! I really miss you guys!

B.I Kim Hanbin

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