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Actor, model, singer, CEO...and now he’s taking a doctoral degree to get a PhD on Industrial Engineering. Mew Suppasit is more than just a celebrity. He’s a man who seizes every possible opportunity that appears before him.

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It’s 2 p.m. and Cosmo is ready—actually we’ve been ready since an half hour ago— and so, we start our video call as planned and press the call button right away. It doesn’t take long until the call is connected, and now our computer screen shows the studio set, where we’re going to do our virtual photo shoot with the one and only, Mew Suppasit.

A few minutes later, the man that we’ve been waiting for come into sight. Mew appears and does wai—a Thailand greeting, which consists of a slight bow, with the palms pressed together like praying—to us on camera. “Sawasdee khrap, I’m Mew Suppasit,” he says with a big smile on his face. He waves his hand and greets the whole team. “Sorry I’m a little late, I have to get ready.” It’s okay, don’t need to rush, I reply. He points the woman on his left, “This is Khun Tasz, she is my manager.”

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He’s surely a show stealer in this video-call session. Mew is wearing an oversized white shirt with two buttons on top (or three? I can’t really remember) left unbuttoned. He’s also wearing a loose black pants, and he lets his shirt untucked. I can see that he also already did his hair, with a little messy look that suits him best. Casual, yet so...engaging.

He also seems a bit tired. “I haven’t had my lunch, but it’s fine, I’ll go get some bites after getting this done.” Remembering his current schedule, things have been going crazy for Mew lately, and in a very good way. Not only he just finished reading and did some important workshops for his new drama a few days ago, he’s also been preparing for the shooting process lately. And in case you forget, he’s also actively doing some live virtual events—something that becomes more and more popular lately, given the current pandemic situation.

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“Just a few days ago my fans said that I look like I’m losing weight. Maybe because I have so many activities recently, that’s why I couldn’t focus on keeping my weight,” he says. “But don’t worry, I’m aware of my condition, and I’ll eat a lot to gain more weight. Stay healthy everyone,” he continues.

Even in the midst of his packed schedules, he decided to prepare a surprise for his fans. Yes, the actor is currently preparing to debut as a singer and he’s going to release his first single. This is why lately he’s been busy doing some vocal lessons and dance practice.

But that's the way Mew likes it. “Am I tired? No, I’m not tired. I get used to tight schedule. I just need to arrange it well. Good thing is, now I have a great team who is helping me,” he says. Yup, he just built Mew Suppasit Studio, a brand-new team that supports all his activities. Knowing that makes me relieved.

The next minute, our virtual photo shoot has already begun.

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From Basic to Ballin’

Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat—or we know him by his short name, Mew—was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. He was once called New, until he chose to changed his short name into Mew. He’s a first child, with a younger sister whose age is only slightly different from him. Since he was little, he has grown accustomed to learn many things at once. Being busy is a common thing for him.

“The biggest difference is, when I was little, my goal was simple, all I think about was just studying and to graduate with a good score. Now, as I’m getting older, my goal shifted. I want to do more than just living my life. I mean, for me it’s more about thinking on the long-term goal. And I’ve set some plans to help me achieve it. If I have to do things here and there, so be it,” he says.

In case you forget, he’s just 29. But he’s always been a grafter. Mew has accomplished things that many may not be able to do it. Yet, he humbly shakes his head, “I’m still searching and learning my own path of life,” he says while he poses in front of the camera.

Early on, he never knew that he would become a celebrity. He was dreaming to be a pilot, but because he has a pretty bad eyesight, he learned to let go of that dream. “I have near-sighted problem, and it’s pretty bad. I think right now the dioptre size is about minus 10,” he admits. This made him giving a shot for another opportunity: he dove in to the entertainment industry.

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Mew started his career in entertainment becoming a model, and when he was 18, he was chosen to starred on “Will You Love Me or Not?” music video by Dr.Fuu. The magic worked. His career started moving. He was offered many opportunities; from being a commercial model to another music video, and finally some small roles on a few drama.

“Actually, I wanted to be a musician. I joined an orchestra band (marching band) when I was in school, so I’m pretty good at playing some instruments. And I’ve always wanted to perform as a singer, like, playing guitar or maybe piano on stage know, just sing along. But the opportunity to become an actor came first, and because I’m a very ‘in the moment’ person, I said yes to that,” he says. “This makes me remembered my first drama audition. I must say I was so lucky to pass the audition, because I knew absolutely nothing about acting back then,” he continues.

“Later on, I decided to learn more about acting from a drama academy. I went to registered myself because I wanted to develop my acting,” he answers. His intuition paid off, so did all of his hard work and efforts. Mew was chosen to play an important role on ‘I Am Your King’ drama series in 2017. And in 2019, he finally landed as a leading actor on ‘TharnType the Series’—the drama that brought up his name in Thailand’s lakorn.

“The more I learn about acting—through practicing, studying and researching—the more I realized that this job, as an artist, has so many interesting sides, and so I decided to take this job seriously,” he says. Consistency and dedication, both brought him and made him into what he is now.

Success Is Not A Straight Line

Mew lets his career flows like water. Most of the times it flows like the water in a river, unrippled and goes with the flow. But sometimes, when he thinks he needed to, he stirs and crashes like ocean waves, continues to go straight forward without any hesitation, breaking any barriers that stand before him—as well as the obstacle that comes from within him.

“I challenge myself every single day, that I should—wait, no—I must be better than yesterday. It’s not a pressure to myself, though. Instead, it helps me feel...excited to do my works. I want to continue to prove my ability to people, to show them what I’m capable of—and most importantly, to prove it to myself,” he says. “Actually, it feels so good to be able to continuously improve yourself.”

This is the man that we know as Mew Suppasit. The one that we usually watch on screen, the one that we read on magazines. The man with the definition of a strong work ethic and endeavours to build a lofty aspirations in every step of his life. Maybe, without him knowing, he had turned from a teenager who dreams a lot, to become a man who is determined to pursue his life’s desires. It’s called growth.

And now, his schedule is packed. To be honest, a schedule like that would burn people out. But not Mew. He even said yes to this interview and photo shoot in the middle of his busy schedule. “I tried my best to put this interview on my schedule. Actually, started from last week my schedule has became busier than usual. But I think this is a great time for an interview because I’m preparing myself to do a lot of new things, including my first single as we speak,” he says.

While we continue talking, we decided to move to another set. Sorry, this virtual photo shoot is quite difficult, I say. “It’s totally fine, actually this is my first virtual photo shoot. This is indeed a fun experience. I can’t wait to see the result,” he says. Again, with that smile. “Thank you Cosmo Indonesia for choosing me as your first male digital cover. I feel really honoured,” he continues. No, the honour is all ours, I say.

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Cosmo could barely breathe. Trust me, not everyone is as kind as him—correction, not everyone can be a celebrity as kind as him. Mew looks like he really enjoys his time in this photo shoot and interview with us, and he keeps smiling to us on camera. In fact, he has to work like, 12 hours a day—or maybe even more—and this kind of job doesn’t have weekends. “Oh, you have to work incredibly hard to survive in this industry,” he says.

Even with all those hard works, life hasn’t been easy to Mew. The work pressure, and sometimes rumors that circling about him are some obstacles that he also has to face. “I did fail on some auditions. Once, I joined an audition for a drama series, and I made it until it’s time for the final decision. Sadly, my body size did not match with the one that they were looking for. My body was too big back then. At the end, I got cut off,” he says. “There were also moments when I felt like my acting was not good or impressive. There was a moment when I felt discouraged.”

But Mew is Mew. He has high hopes, and he stands tall. And thanks to that, now he’s in a very good place. “I have to thank my family ‘cause they always support me. Truth is, they are the biggest supporter in my life. They know how to make me laugh again after I ran out of energy because of work. And my mom, she’s the best, ever! She knows exactly how to comfort me and she always takes good care of me. She’s always two-three steps ahead. She is the one who make sure that everything is ready for me,” he says. Now, he doesn’t flinch anymore.

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Uncover Our Cover

Mew credits his life lessons and work ethic to his family—especially both of his parents. They were the ones who led him to take a doctoral degree. “My parents are pretty strict, especially on studying. They have certain rules that I and my sister have to follow. I think this is the reason why I think education holds an important part on my life.”

Right now, Mew is continuing his study by taking a doctoral degree at Chulalongkorn University—one of the best university in Thailand. “Honestly, I once thought to take a major on Communication Arts. But my grandma asked me to choose between Medical or Engineering. I chose Engineering, then.”

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Mew had also become an assistant to his professor at Chulalongkorn University while he took a master program. “I became a substitute for my professor, and I helped him teaching some classes when he couldn’t come.” He says, “I think if I wasn’t an actor, I would choose to be a lecturer or a professor and teaching in university. Those teaching experiences are one of my best moments, and yes, actually I kinda like it.”

Certainly, education holds an important part for Mew. “Learning is a lifelong process. I, you, we all learn something every single day. Truth is, there’s always something that we can learn, so keep your mind open. Believe me, you’ll be the better version of you as long as you are willing to always learn.”

To our surprise, despite his outward appearance as a fully confident man and his intention to gradually improve himself, Mew admits that he also loves reading comics. “Trust me, I’m not a bookworm. If I had to choose, I prefer reading comics and mangas. Hahaha. My favorite manga is One Piece, this one is fun to read, and reading it can make me feel more relax. Oda-sama, the creator of the manga, is a great storyteller. You won’t notice time flies by when you read his works.”

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Talking about time, I almost forget to check how much time left for us. “Chill, I have so much time left until my next schedule,” he says. Meaning, there is still time to try a couple more pose. I ask him to hold the phone and pose as if he was doing a boyfriend selfie. I bet this will make his fans’ heart flutter.

While doing that, he continues, “Sometimes I missed the moment when my schedule isn’t this tight. At times like that, I can get up from bed a little late—just like everybody else—and then I work out. After that, I continue practice my singing and dancing,” he says. “Afternoon time is relaxing time, I usually spend my free time playing games or watching movies until night time. Then, I sleep earlier so I can get more time to rest.”

Just after he says that, he almost drops the phone. “Sorry, it’s just…my thing. Not many people know about this, but let me tell you: I have ‘magic’ hands. It’s easy for me to drop something that I’m holding with my hands. And, I’m also a messy eater,” he explains. “People may realize that I change my clothes often. You know, because when I eat, I drop the food over the shirt that I wear, lots of time. Hahaha. It’s a bad habit, though.” Well, he’s only human after all.

Image Mew Suppasit read a book

Can’t Stop Me(w) Now

Five years ago, Mew Suppasit might still under the radar. But now, he has so many fans—called Mewlions—not only in Thailand, but globally, including in Indonesia. “It feels great to know that there are so many people out there who appreciate my work. It feels...I don’t know how to explain it, but I think I feel blessed to have so many people out there who kindly and endlessly give me a lot of love and support. It feels like all those hours of hard work, determination and effort paid off,” he says. “I hope I can meet my fans in Indonesia very soon. Until that day comes, I will create many wonderful works to cheer everyone up.”

“Anyway, the way you spelled Mewlions was incorrect, it’s not ‘li-ən’ like spelling ‘lion’. It’s like spelling ‘millions’, so the right way to spell it is myoo-lyəns,” he corrects. Sorry, I didn’t know. “It’s okay, I’m glad to be of help.”

Talking about his fans, it’s obvious that Mewlions can’t wait to see him again on screen. They have been patiently waiting for his new drama “TharnType Season 2”, which is planned to be released later this year.

Image Mew Suppasit read a book with quote

“I already finished reading the whole script. I’m pretty sure that our fans can’t wait to watch the next chapter of the series. Don’t worry, we are preparing our best to all of you,” he says. “You will see how each character develops: From the way they make decisions, the way they think and solve problems, and also how they change their mindset as they are growing older. This will be a fun project to do. I feel excited about this. And yes, it’s worth the wait.”

Of course, Mew will return with Gulf Kanawut to reprise their role as Tharn and Type, respectively. “Compared to the first day we met, we are so much closer now. I remember the first time we met, we stood far apart from each other—Gulf was surrounded by his friends, while I stood on the other side. We were busy with ourselves. But now, we’re like brothers,” he says. “Of course I’m grateful to be able to work with Gulf again. He’s really good at acting, he knows the best way to work together so we can quickly understand and be in our character in short time.”

This will be the third time Mew plays as Tharn (he once played as a cameo on another series with the same character), “Come to think of it, I think there are many things in me that is quite similar with Tharn. I love music, and so does Tharn. I am quite serious—especially about love—and so does Tharn.”

Image Mew Suppasit read a book ending

Since he mentioned about love, “The first word that popped in my mind when I hear the word ‘love’ is...understanding. Even if we have so many differences, I’m sure we could live together if we can understand each other completely,” he explains. “This is what I’m looking for in a partner, someone who can totally understand me and someone who can let me continually learning.”

Until that day comes true, Mew will continue to emphasize his steps as an actor. “My priority now is acting, consider that it’s my current profession. Having a good acting skill is my first goal,” he says. “My second priority is my family. They are the real figures behind the scene who raised me and made me who I am now. They never stop giving me love, and they always support me—in whatever I do, and whenever I needed them.”

“The last one is love. The kind of love that helps me to always learn something new, the one that pushes those boundaries to help me become a better version of me.” And in case you’re wondering, right now, “Just like Chopper, my little cute and lovely dog. He’s the one that made me believe in love at first sight. He’s so adorable! He’s the little thing in life that makes me happy,” he says, closing our interview with a big and lovely smile. Casual.

Well, I hope Chopper realized how lucky he is. We envy you, Chopper, we really do..

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